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NB - Liability

The information available on this site or through the site, the services supplied via or in connection with this site, is intended as information only and does not constitute advice or medical advice. Products are for cosmetic purposes only and have not been approved by any medical or pharmaceutical licensing body. It is your responsibility to determine that the Products are suitable for you, it is not our responsibility to do so.

Where there is any submission made on the site, by any user, including opinions, advice, views and recommendations, please note that these are not endorsed by Us and we do not accept any liability on account of accuracy, nature, completeness, timelines, defamatory nature or otherwise.


We do our best to make sure that all the information on the site (and provided by us as part of any service or product) is correct, but the information is of general nature and not intended to comprise of all information relating to the subject matters referred to by the Site, and therefore we do not accept any liability for any error or omission and exclude all liability for any action you may take or loss or injury you may suffer (direct or indirect including loss of pay, profit, opportunity or time, pain and suffering, any indirect, consequential or special loss, however arising) as a result of relying on any information on this Site (or any of our other online pages).

Our liability to you in connection with any product purchased through the Website is strictly limited to the purchase price of that product.

Last update: 29 November 2020


In these terms and conditions, the following definitions apply:

“Blair Beauty Bar” means Blair Beauty Ltd (13034377) and 'we', 'us', 'our' means Blair Beauty Ltd;

"Order Confirmation" the email we send you confirming your order (at which point the contract between us will be formed);

"Materials" means intellectual property/content on the site and those that form part of the Products & Services supplied by Blair Beauty Bar;

"Products" means any products offered for sale on the Site;

“Services” means any information and services ordered and/or provided by Blair Beauty Bar through or via the Site. For the avoidance of doubt, any electronic information supplied to you by Blair Beauty Bar will constitute part of the "Service" not a Product and cancellation rights will apply accordingly;

“Site” means the web site at the URL www.Blairbeauty.online/

"Submission" means any written comments/forms including a Review that you supply to us or post directly to the Site relating to the Products together with any photographs.


2) Your personal information

2.1) Use of your personal information is governed by Blair Beauty Bar’s Privacy Policy, which forms part of these terms and conditions.


3) Use of this Site generally

3.1) You may use the Site for personal and lawful use and in accordance with these terms and you are not allowed to copy or use any material from the Site for any commercial purpose including for selling any goods or services.


3.2) The materials on the Site and those part of the Products or Services ("Materials") belong to Blair Beauty Bar or our third-party licensors.

3.3) You are not allowed to make any copies of any part of any materials, or remove or change anything on the Site, include or create links to or from the Site without our written authorisation.

3.4) You are not allowed to remove or change any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property right notices contained in any Materials or copies or the Materials.


3.5) Should you make a Submission to us, you agree to grant us an exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual licence to use it worldwide on the Site (and make it available to other users of the site & app), in our marketing materials, for any other business purposes, and to edit your Submissions in the event that Blair Beauty Bar deems it necessary or desirable to do so for whatever reason.


3.6) You acknowledge that making a Submission does not guarantee that your Submission, or any part of it, will appear on the Website, but you agree that Blair Beauty Bar may, at its sole discretion, choose to display any Submission or any part of a Submission that you make on the Website.


3.7) You warrant and represent that you own or are licensed to use any and all the intellectual property rights in any Submissions that you make to the Website.


3.8) You acknowledge that you will not be able to edit or delete any Submission after submission, however you can request your personal information to be deleted.


3.9) Any user who feels that any Submission made by other users is objectionable, is encouraged to contact us info@blairbeauty.online . We will review the relevant Submission and take action where necessary.


3.10) You will not post, upload or share any material that is offensive, obscene, defamatory, threatening, menacing, pornographic,  racist, infringing of any intellectual property or otherwise unlawful, to harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the rights of others, to misrepresent your identity or status, to hack into this Site or any other related computer system, to make excessive traffic demands, deliver viruses or forward chain letters or similar materials that may reasonably be expected to inhibit other users from using and enjoying the Site or any other web site or damage or destroy the reputation of Blair Beauty Bar or any third party.


3.11) Blair Beauty Bar does not accept any obligation to monitor the use of the Site. However, Blair Beauty Bar reserves the right to disclose any information as required by law and/or to remove, refuse to post or to edit any information or materials; to block your access and take other action as may be necessary to prevent any breach of these terms and conditions or any breach of applicable law or regulation.


3.12) Blair Beauty Bar will also fully co-operate with law enforcement (at our discretion) and other relevant authorities with respect to any investigation of suspected unlawful activity or violation of network security.


3.13) Blair Beauty Bar may change/ update the format and content of the Site from time to time. You should refresh your browser each time you visit the Site to ensure that you download the most up to date version of the Site.


4) Eligibility to purchase Products

4.1) Blair Beauty Bar does not sell Products to children under the age of 16 on this Site although it may sell Products suitable for children to adults. If you are under 16, you may use the non-transactional parts of the Site, but you may not purchase Products from the Site. When you order products, you’re confirming that you are 16years or older


4.2) In order to purchase Products, you must submit a valid credit or debit card, or valid PayPal payment login.


4.3) You confirm that the payment card or PayPal login you submit is yours.


4.5) All credit/debit card holders and PayPal users are subject to validation checks and authorisation by the card issuer or payment provider. Blair Beauty Bar is not responsible in the event that your payment card provider refuses to authorise payments.